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Vehicle engine cleaning services in Banbury

A clogged engine can lead to issues with performance, fuel consumption and even starting the car. At 
Phillips Autos our experienced technicians can help keep your engine in great condition. To find out more about our vehicle engine cleaning service, contact our garage in Banbury today.

Carbon cleaning from the engine

The engine is the most important part of a vehicle which has to be checked and cleaned on a regular basis. The combustion process in the engine produces soot deposits in the cylinders, pistons, particle filters, EGR valves and turbos which prevents it from functioning properly. 

At Phillips Autos, we specialise in internal engine cleaning and our mechanics can effectively remove soot and carbon build up from all makes and models of vehicle engine.
Carbon cleaning
Engine cleaning

Our services include:

  • Engine diagnostics and repairs
  • Brake repairs
  • Breakdown recovery
  • Engine parts repair
  • MOT checks
  • Hy-carbon engine cleaning

How can the Hy-Carbon station help?

The Hy-Carbon technology is an advanced method of cleaning
modern day car engines. This cleaning process is certified by the Ministry of Transport and Bureaux Veritas and offers a unique and patented solution to engine clogging. Hy-Carbon cleaning removes carbon deposits from deep inside engines by injecting hydrogen into the intake manifold.
This process can correct engine faults and reduce emissions by almost half. To find out more about our vehicle engine cleaning service, contact our mechanics in Banbury today.
Hy-Carbon Station
For more information on our internal engine cleaning services, contact our garage on
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